Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturdays Are For Art

At least that’s what it’s beginning to look like.

Much of last Saturday was spent at Lakemont Village (Lakemont Gallery and the Libby Matthews Gallery), followed by a brief stop at Mark of the Potter.

Today – and I’m still a bit dizzy of the experience – I was at Galleree Shirlee, where Lisa Frank not only showed a friend and me much of her late mother’s collection, but also gave us a tour of her garden. It’s hard to say which is more impressive. I have never before seen such a collection of plants (for the most part deep-shade) in a private garden. The art’s advantage over the garden is that it is for sale.

The web address is being given with some hesitation, as I have already picked out my “favorites” and would regret to find out they are all sold before I have a chance to go back and make my own purchase.

I hope Shirlee Frank had a happy, fulfilling life. She certainly has left a legacy that will give pleasure to many she never met.

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