Thursday, June 30, 2011

That was coffee?

Now that I am writing about food, I am reminded of yesterday’s breakfast meeting at IHOP.

No food surprises – pancakes with warm syrup, eggs, bacon: all as expected at a fast-food restaurant that specializes in breakfast and has “pancakes” in its name. And, at $6, the price was right.

But the coffee? Was it really coffee? And it cost $2? Oh, my! If, like me, you find it difficult to pass a Starbucks without stopping – and where you can get a wonderful coffee for $1.50 -- my advice to you is to skip the IHOP “coffee”. Next time I go, it will be water for me!

Lunch / Review

Park Café, Duluth, Georgia

Plusses: Quaint house in quaint downtown setting, friendly waitress, food.
Minuses: Traffic/parking, host, food, prices.

I am going to give Park Café three stars after having lunched there today with a guest.

The host was unfriendly, intimating it would have been better if we had had reservations – not a bad point, considering that the place rapidly filled up – and we were then given the worst table in the place, until we asked for a different one, which the waitress cheerfully made available.

My food choice was fried green tomatoes. Having enjoyed them elsewhere with goat cheese and remoulade, I was intrigued by the description (“warm brie, candied pecans, bacon balsamic emulsion”) and it took me a few bites before I began to enjoy the meal. The tomatoes were perfectly fried (topped by a few spinach leaves – what was that all about?), the pecans were nice and the emulsion “sold” the dish. The bits in it may have been bacon, or carrot, or pepper or (red) tomato: impossible to tell. The brie was missing, so I’ll never know what it might have contributed to the taste.

My guest had the fried shrimp po-boy, with a side of fresh fruit (melon, I think), which she said she enjoyed. To my eye, it looked a little, well, “po”.

All in all, this, a first visit for both my guest and myself, was not a bad experience, but $30+ for two (including one iced tea, one water, and no coffee or dessert) is too expensive for a middle of the week casual business lunch. Also, each item was $1 more than published on the establishment’s web site. Also “po”!

I tried to post this on Yelp!, but the effort failed.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Where Are You At?

A local acquaintance, a Northerner married to a Southerner, once told me that during the first few years of residence in Atlanta, she often got lost on area roads and by-ways, necessitating a phone call to her husband, who would invariably ask her to tell him where she was “at”. “Where are you at?”, he would ask – or, more precisely, “Wear-yat?”

“What’s that all about,” she asked me, “that ‘at’?” I told her it was part of that renowned Southern charm, but don’t think she bought it.

I was reminded of that conversation this morning, when I opened the newspaper. The paper that arrives in my driveway six mornings a week is a publication I subscribe to in major part for its language. It is very well written, with the British syntaxes I learned to appreciate when I lived in England.

One story I enjoyed reading this morning is about a brighter employment outlook for new MBAs. Then my eyes were drawn to a graphic at the bottom of the page, that documented research among 2007 MBA graduates. One graph stated that the research had been conducted in “85 different countries survey respondents were based in”, while another explained it had involved “153 different business schools worldwide where alumni studied at”. “In”? “At”? I’m not used to seeing dangling prepositions in my newspaper! What’s that all about?

Anyway, I trust my readers know their grammar better than this, no matter where they’re “at”. :-)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Women Supporting Women - Not!

It was a revelation to me, a few decades ago, when it began to dawn on me that women do not support other women in the business world. The past almost-20-years at the helm of Atlanta Women in Business have provided ample proof (they have also provided some wonderful contradictions of the phenomenon).

So, now I am reading Leslie Grossman's blog post about a conversation between Gloria Steinem and Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo and find out that women do not support each other in religious institutions either! Women who have money to give to religious institutions would rather give it to those led by men than those led by women?

Most of my clients, as those who are familiar with my business know, are men. On a daily basis, I observe men recommending other men for jobs, connecting them with experts whose services they need, giving them networking tips, following up with them - even years later - when a relevant issue emerges. Women? Not so much. What's wrong with us?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh, those Congressmen!

And Senators, Governors and other public servants.

Some of them seem to be confused about the meaning of “service”. And not too tech savvy.

Here’s the latest one with a scandal – the guy from New York, who e-mailed pictures of himself in his underwear to women around the country. Did he not have anything better to do? Didn’t his constituents expect “service” from him, when they elected him? And then he lied about it – computer was hacked, it was not he who had sent the pictures and he was not sure if the images were his. Who did he think would believe this? And how loyal or tight-lipped did he think these women were?

Here in Georgia we had a Congressman a decade or two ago, who served his wife divorce papers in the hospital, where she was recovering from cancer treatment. He then married the woman with whom he had been having an affair, only to cheat on her, divorce her and marry wife number three. Now he wants to be President. Yes, of the United States.

John Edwards disappointed me. I truly thought he was Presidential material, and, boy, did he blow it! What was he thinking?

The craziest, somewhat hilarious example of public-servant-gone-astray is the South Carolina governor whose staff said he was out of communication because he was walking the Appalachian Trail. In truth, he was in Argentina with his lover. Not funny for his wife or children, or for the people of the State of South Carolina for that matter, but his post-discovery press conference was a doozy.

Would the people of California have elected “The Governator”, I wonder, if they had known about his “love child”? This is an odd term, anyway; very old-fashioned. But I guess “lust child” is an impolite term. Never understood what his wife saw in him to begin with, but some women have a knack for falling for totally unsuitable guys.

Will Weiner, who took “full responsibility” yesterday and said he would not resign, last out the week? My money is on “no” – but I could be wrong.