Friday, February 25, 2011

Opportunity Meets Motivation

In a book whose concept I created in 2008 and for which I wrote a foreword two years later, four members of Atlanta Women in Business told the stories of their lives and careers. They called it “Opportunity Meets Motivation” and I had a web site created for it – and for them – as the publication date neared.

It was probably the most underused and undervisited site in the history of the web. So, when domain renewable time rolled around, I considered abandoning the site. Colleagues, though, and the site’s developer, convinced me that was too good a name to give up, so renewing it I did.

There is now a different goal for the site: it will promote events – events of Atlanta Women in Business and its members – and books – ditto!

It can still do great things. Visitors are welcome:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Money, money, money . . .

Spring is on the way and businesses all around me are showing new determination for growth, expansion and optimism. A lot of them are looking for money; many are not sure where to start.

My advice, for new start-ups in the Atlanta area, is to first of all go to the March 16 “Stepping Up To Business” event at Cobb Galleria. I am certain there will be important information disseminated, and the networking will be excellent as well. Who knows – one might even find a partner, affiliate or new client there!

A few years ago, I attended an event about investing and entrepreneurship at which Eugene O’Malley, Managing Partner of Cobblestone Advisers, was the keynote speaker. Wisely, to help people remember, he has come up with an approach he calls BE SMART, an acronym in which each letter represents a specific task or process the business owner must carry out when in pursuit of capital. The other day, looking at his hand-out again, I focused on the “S” – Spoke & Wheel: get to know the top 50 influences in your community. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

I also like O’Malley’s “M” – Management Team, and will write about that some other time.

Atlanta Women in Business – Loans, Inc., meanwhile, continues to move ever closer to opening its doors for loan applications. Be patient a little longer, please.