Sunday, November 14, 2010

Practice What You Teach!

The other day, in a local art studio, I picked up a flyer for a “Marketing Online Workshop” – very basic stuff (web site, blog, social media), a reasonable fee, and an instructor whose name I had not heard before. A few minutes’ search told me that neither teaching nor online marketing are her areas of expertise. I have no questions about her effectiveness and success as a business owner and suspect that she is very good at what she does, but I wonder why an online marketing course should be taught be someone who launched her own blog in January 2009, has posted only 4 times (most recently on January 16, 2009) and has only 1 “follower” (herself).

Shouldn’t we all, as business professionals, practice what we teach?


Anne Egros said...

Great teachers, trainers and leaders walk their talk! You cannot become an expert in one night ! It takes years of practice, many failures and few successes. Most of all you should always question if you are still at the top of your knowledge and be a lifelong learner.

Andrew said...