Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Facebook Users’ Goals and Benefits

Randomly selected Frequent Facebook Users have responded as follows to my questions about their goals in the use of this Social Medium, and what benefits they have derived from it:


Connect with interesting people and potential clients.

Keep up with friends.

Reconnecting with high school and college friends and staying in touch with family members.

Getting to know clients on a personal level.

Building my brand and promoting my business.

Added visibility and brand awareness.

“I sort of have to be there”.

It’s a showcase for my products.

Attract buyers.

Provide industry-related tips.

Build name recognition.

Promote my blog.

Provide support and motivation to others.

Develop a following for my company and its brands.

Rolling out products and services.

“Spying on my kids. LOL”

Communicating with friends, clients, family, colleagues, association members.

Creating on-line portfolios.

Getting more business than expected, including international.

Selling books and getting speaking engagements.

Being chosen as an example of effective social media use by a nationally-known publisher.

“I seem to be building a community.”

Increased web site visits, newsletter sign-ups and webinar attendance numbers.

National name and face recognition.

Great motivation, support and kick-in-the-butt.

Being able to “let go” – voice opinions, express feelings.

Saves time; no more phone calls.

Some new assignments and many leads.

Easy to use, compared with other Social Media.

And you? Post your goals and benefits in a brief comment.

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