Thursday, June 25, 2009

Until you have a better plan of your own, do not reject mine.

I watched the first hour of President Obama’s healthcare “town hall” on ABC last night and found it mostly a waste of time.

I did not learn anything I had not already heard.

The dynamic and visuals were all wrong. Diane Sawyer is too old (she worked in the NIXON White House for crying out loud!) and too prominent a “news” personality to be audience-hopping with a microphone. It made me think that ABC had not been able to make up its mind who (Charlie Gibson or Diane Sawyer) should take this gig and arrived at the convoluted solution we saw.

The substance (if we can call it that) of the program was annoying. It started with everyone in the room indicating (with a show of hands) that they believe the U.S. healthcare system needs to be overhauled and nobody believing the current system works. Then, almost every question or concern directed to the president was an attempt to shoot down his plan. I wish some people would have proposed some alternatives, but this was an hour full of criticisms and devoid of fresh ideas.

I think the president could have used his time better also.

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