Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh, those Congressmen!

And Senators, Governors and other public servants.

Some of them seem to be confused about the meaning of “service”. And not too tech savvy.

Here’s the latest one with a scandal – the guy from New York, who e-mailed pictures of himself in his underwear to women around the country. Did he not have anything better to do? Didn’t his constituents expect “service” from him, when they elected him? And then he lied about it – computer was hacked, it was not he who had sent the pictures and he was not sure if the images were his. Who did he think would believe this? And how loyal or tight-lipped did he think these women were?

Here in Georgia we had a Congressman a decade or two ago, who served his wife divorce papers in the hospital, where she was recovering from cancer treatment. He then married the woman with whom he had been having an affair, only to cheat on her, divorce her and marry wife number three. Now he wants to be President. Yes, of the United States.

John Edwards disappointed me. I truly thought he was Presidential material, and, boy, did he blow it! What was he thinking?

The craziest, somewhat hilarious example of public-servant-gone-astray is the South Carolina governor whose staff said he was out of communication because he was walking the Appalachian Trail. In truth, he was in Argentina with his lover. Not funny for his wife or children, or for the people of the State of South Carolina for that matter, but his post-discovery press conference was a doozy.

Would the people of California have elected “The Governator”, I wonder, if they had known about his “love child”? This is an odd term, anyway; very old-fashioned. But I guess “lust child” is an impolite term. Never understood what his wife saw in him to begin with, but some women have a knack for falling for totally unsuitable guys.

Will Weiner, who took “full responsibility” yesterday and said he would not resign, last out the week? My money is on “no” – but I could be wrong.

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