Friday, February 25, 2011

Opportunity Meets Motivation

In a book whose concept I created in 2008 and for which I wrote a foreword two years later, four members of Atlanta Women in Business told the stories of their lives and careers. They called it “Opportunity Meets Motivation” and I had a web site created for it – and for them – as the publication date neared.

It was probably the most underused and undervisited site in the history of the web. So, when domain renewable time rolled around, I considered abandoning the site. Colleagues, though, and the site’s developer, convinced me that was too good a name to give up, so renewing it I did.

There is now a different goal for the site: it will promote events – events of Atlanta Women in Business and its members – and books – ditto!

It can still do great things. Visitors are welcome:

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