Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Austerity or Stimulation?

“Cut the spending!” is the popular phrase in Washington and around the country this election season.

What if the country were your business? And it was somewhat limping along? Would you practice austerity, cutting your spending down to the barest necessities? Or would you go out, borrow money, and pump funding into your business development strategies?

I don’t know about you, but I, truly caring about the future of my company, would value stimulation much more than austerity.

This seems to be a true conservative vs. liberal issue. No secret which side I’m on. And I find it ironic that all those insiders who have shunned regulation for so long and made it possible for financial markets to loan us more money than we needed or should wisely have accepted are now telling the government “stop spending; we can’t afford it”!

If the country were your business, would you not want it to survive? Or is it time to let it go down the tubes?

I understand the Republican attitude perfectly. But the Democrats are an enigma to me. Do they actually think that their silence on increased stimulation will earn them more votes in November? It seems to me that the people are more likely to vote Republican in November than “Republican Light”.

I am not looking forward to November 2.

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