Friday, April 2, 2010

We've Got it!

It's an amazing phenomenon to me that many men don't seem to 'get it' that we are not helpless creatures, who need to be educated on how to live our lives or run our business. The most recent example, yesterday, is a man who wanted to meet with me and discuss a training session for Atlanta Women in Business members, on how to use the telephone or e-mail to seek business appointments, and how to conduct a meeting after an appointment had been secured.

He had no clue, apparently, that women do this sort of training also, and that some of them might even be members of Atlanta Women in Business. Or, that we already know how to do this sort of thing.

The frequency with which I receive requests from men for opportunities to address my network, so that we can be educated on wealth management, hiring practices, insurance policies, acquiring real estate, conduct sales meetings, etc., is staggering. No offense, but . . . we already know!

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