Friday, March 5, 2010

Karen Handel for Governor

The idea that I would ever support a Republican candidate for anything – even going so far as to write a check in order to contribute to a campaign – had never occurred to me until this year.

But look a the landscape: the choices in this year’s election for the next Governor of the Great State of Georgia will ultimately come down to a choice between (Democrat) Roy Barnes and the person the Republicans decide to nominate this summer. Roy Barnes, a “good ole boy” if there ever was one, has already been governor once (he was ignominiously deposed by that other “good ole boy” Sonny Perdue 8 years ago).

So, what is one to do? Support Karen Handel, of course! I first knew her when she was the President of the North Fulton Chamber of Commerce. In 2006, as a candidate for Georgia Secretary of State, she graciously came to my “Crossing Bridges” international business women’s conference to welcome the conferees (Mayor Shirley Franklin was in China or some place at the time and nobody from her office was available . . . that says something, too, doesn’t it?). Over the years, Karen Handel has made an excellent impression on me, and on other women in the business world. Thus, I am happy to support her candidacy.

Others, apparently, are of the same mind. These are the current poll numbers, provided by Karen’s campaigns, in the race for the Republican nomination:

Oxendine 27%
Handel 19%
Deal 13%
Johnson 3%
Scott 3%
Chapman 2%
McBerry 2%
Undecided 32%

Comments from the campaign:

There are some conclusions to be drawn from the latest survey data:
The momentum is clearly on Karen's side as this is just the latest of several polls that have shown growth and movement for Karen's campaign.

Karen's message of reform, cutting spending and job creation is clearly resonating with the voters. While the numbers have stayed stagnant for the other candidates, Karen has shown tremendous growth over the past several months.

While Eric Johnson is widely perceived to be a top-tier candidate (largely because of his initial fundraising success) he is still languishing in the single digits with Austin Scott, Jeff Chapman and below the margin of error.

This poll was conducted before Congressman Deal's announcement that he will be resigning from Congress on Monday - an event that appears to be having a significant negative impact on his campaign. At this stage of the campaign it is shaping up to be a largely two-person race between John Oxendine and Karen Handel.

Can Karen Handel become the first woman governor of Georgia? I think she can, and I would sure like to see it come about!

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