Saturday, November 15, 2008

Results Count 2008

Atlanta Women in Business announced the recipient of its fifth annual Results Count award on November 14, and recognized her accomplishments with a celebratory luncheon in Sandy Springs. "And the winner is . . . " - Peggy Parks of The Parks Image Group.
Actually, the Results Count awards do not have "winners"; they have "recipients". I think it is especially for women in the business world important not to talk about "winners", because the immediate connection is that for every "winner" there is at least one "loser". As women in the business world, we cannot afford to have losers. There are too few of us in leadership positions, too few in the C ranks, and too many earning 70-some cents for every dollar a man in the same position earns. So, in the Results Count award system there are only winners - and every year there is a recipient!
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